Arting 365 Day 5: Canned 50s

The Goal: To create a piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days in a row

Day 5: Canned FiftiesOh the 1950s. In my mind the stereotypical family of that time was cookie cutter perfection. It showcased a happily married husband and wife – he of course dressed in a suit and she accessorized with some sort of apron. The couple had at least one snot-free adorable child, a house with a white picket fence and there was always the lingering smell of her freshly baked apple pie or his tobacco pipe.

The 50s also make me think of Frank Lloyd Wright. His architectural designs (love the cheesy music in this clip) were modern, clean lined and seem so unrelated to the wholesome American family in my head. Pondering these two things made me wonder how I could portray the 1950s family in a less expected way.

Result? Not exactly a beautiful work of art, but I have to say I really enjoy the creepiness factor of the final piece. The people in the images all seem to have that 1950s plastered on smile, but their actions tell a strange story. One of my favorite pics is inserted inside the “house” and viewed by peeking through a window. The family is practicing their shooting, but it appears as if the wife has a gun pointed at hubby’s head while the children smile approvingly.Day 5: Fifties Inside DetailDay 5: Canned 50s Picket Fence

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