Day 2: Fuse – ReUse – Refuse

Day 2: Fuse - ReUse - RefuseWhen so called “trash” has an interesting shape, color, feel, etc. the likelihood of it getting thrown away in this house is pretty slim.  For my day two adventure I decided to use the plastic toppers I’d kept that cover some six packs of beer. I was drawn to the repetition of the circles and wanted to create something clean and graphic while keeping the integrity of the shapes.

I cut apart and re-assembled the circles, painted – then cut away paint, and attached some fuses I had picked up at the Habitat Re-Store (an excellent place to find stuff for art & it’s a good cause).  The result is this 11.5″ x 4.5″ piece.

I’m not sold on the use of the fuses and feel like I could use more time to let this little guy marinate in order to think about how I might push the design a bit further. I think I’d also like to create something similar on a larger scale. Perhaps some old trash can lids would be my jumping off point.

Side note to the project:

-Not exactly sure why some companies use the plastic toppers and others the regular plastic rings. My guess is for environmental reasons, but part of me wants to believe it is to keep mice poop off of things. -Which I am great with. If you have any insight, I’d love to hear it.

Day 2: Fuse - ReUse - Refuse detail